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My name is Joy Ramirez and I’m the author of ‘Toot – The World’s Tiniest Whale’

This charming New Zealand children’s picture book is about perseverance and has a great positive message for students. 

NZ Herald Canvas gave the book an excellent review.

‘Toot might be a tiddler of a whale but he proves he has a big heart in this heartwarming rhyming story of his quest to find the sea. While he enjoys life in a goldfish bowl with his goldfish chum Henry the Fifth, Toot hankers for the wide open ocean and decides to make a swim for it using champagne glasses, soup bowls and dog bowls as stepping stones in a bid for freedom. Great word play and delightful illustrations by Mike Chapman.’ 

We have a special offer for schools. When you buy the book you’ll receive some fantastic complimentary multi-media resources.

‘Toot – The World’s Tiniest Whale’ is a full entertainment package!

When you buy the book your students will benefit from the:

  • ‘Toot – The World’s Tiniest Whale’ Audio Book video
    The audio book and illustrations are brought to life through the voice of much-loved New Zealand comedian Dai Henwood!

  • Toot theme song: ‘Keep On Swimming'
    This complimentary mp3 downloadable song is great for classroom and assembly sing-a-longs and teaches children the positive message about keeping on trying.

  • ‘Keep On Swimming’ lyric video and lyric sheet

    To help students to learn the song in the classroom or assembly.

  • ‘Toot – The World’s Tiniest Whale’ Teacher Lesson Plan & Story Discussion Worksheet 
    The worksheet helps teachers and students to explore the book’s theme of perseverance.

The book is great for values education, and also includes a glossary to help children to extend their vocabulary.

‘The students really loved the story and I think it resonated in their writing. The assembly writing was about Toot, and they sponged their own ‘Toots’ to show.'

Lee-Ann McKenzie, Year 1 Teacher, Titirangi Primary School

You can check out the story and gorgeous illustrations by clicking on the Toot – The World’s Tiniest Whale Audio Book video link.


We recommend buying books for your library and school sets for Year 2 – Year 4 classrooms.

  • Order online through WheelersWheelers price $17.59 (NZ $21.99 RRP)
  • Or, if you would like to order multiple books directly through the publisher Mercury Fox Media, orders of 10+ books receive a 40% volume discount of $11.47 + GST per book, for a limited time only. 
    See the Book Info Sheet for more info and prices.
    Email your order to: orders@toot.nz

Thank you very much for taking the time to check out ‘Toot – The World’s Tiniest Whale’!

If you have any questions, please feel welcome to contact us.

Joy Ramirez
Mercury Fox Media
P. +64 21 869 094
E. info@mercuryfoxmedia.com

Note: All prices are correct at the time of posting but are subject to change. The offer is for a limited time only, while stock lasts.