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Free download Story Discussion points for Toot - The World's Tiniest Whale. This document includes:

  • A lesson plan for teachers including notes for before reading, during reading, and after reading. It covers key vocabulary, making meaning, using the text, and analyzing the text.
  • A Story Discussion Worksheet with multi-choice questions and values education questions to explore the story's theme of perseverance.
  • The Story Discussion Worksheet answers on a separate page.

Toot - The World's Tiniest Whale Story Reading Lesson Plan Toot - The World's Tiniest Whale Story Discussion Worksheet page 2


  • Free download: Toot & Henry colouring in activity sheet here.
    (Great classroom or birthday party activity)
  • Fun Facts about the story characters here.
  • Make Toot the world's tiniest whale out of water balloons
    (worksheet to come)
  • Create Toot headbands with a water spout (worksheet to come)

Toot - The World's Tiniest Whale colouring in worksheet